iPhone Driving App

Get the driving app you so desperately need and miss with navigation, when the map just doesn’t cut it. The map built into your iphone does not talk. This app does and you may be surprised to find it’s an old standby.

Do not go out and purchase an expensive app just yet until you try this on for size.  Mapquest has turn by turn navigation with features like built in maps, data saving, online access to your account through AOL (even if you do not have AOL) and more.

This app is great to have if you are a driver and have an iphone or an ipod with Internet access available.  Probably can’t use it while driving if you are not connected to the Internet, though.

Re-introducing Mapquest.  Mapquest is your old friend that used to provide maps and printed, downloadable driving directions back when directions first appeared online.  Now it sports a green “M” and updated features. Simply go to the app store on your iPhone and download it.  Place on your phone where it can be touched easily and accessed.

When you type in the name of a place, however, you will have to type in the city and state due to many choices appearing.

Test Mapquest out before you start on a route you are not familiar with.  Drive to a friends house or put your work address in and let it tell you turn by turn directions.  This is a feature not found in many navigation apps for the iPhone and was a major complaint from former and present Android users.  Hopefully Mapquest will take on the challenge left by not having Google maps and Navigation available and even surpass Google someday.

For now I am pleased with the feature that allows it to navigate directly to my contacts’ addresses.  That is what I was used to in the other phone I had and the iphone and mapquest integrated that feature seamlessly here.  All you do is press the people icon while you are in the destination field of Mapquest and then select the contact you wish to navigate to.  It will usually start with your home or current location as found by GPS.

Good luck, it’s a jungle out there!  A jungle of apps, that is!

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