Intel Brings Medfield Platform for Smartphones

Intel also will enliven the market by presenting a chipset Medfield Smartphone Platform.

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If Intel wants to grow its business significantly, there is no way other than directly compete in the smart-phone world. This means that, Intel had to exert his ability to chip products for smart-phones and tablets as well as successful as its chips for PCs and Notebooks.

Two years ago, Intel had tried to enter the smart-phone market with the launch of Mores town platform (Lin-croft Soc) but failed. Learning from failure is again present with the launch of Intel’s latest smart-phone platform Med-field (Pen-well Soc) which, according to the giant semiconductor manufacturer is ready to compete with ARM based Soc various manufacturers, such as Texas Instruments, Sam-sung, Qualcomm, or Apple.

Midfield Platform is a single chip solution that is different than previous Mores town platform.

Of the benchmarks (Sun-Spider Java-Script and Browser-Mark) released Intel, Med-field looks superior to the Soc on high end smart-phones, such as the Sam-sung Galaxy Nexus, Apple iPhone 4S, Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Droid S II.

It is quite surprising from Midfield is the power consumption is much lower than Moorestown. Optimization of clock variables, the transition from the active and sleep mode or vice verse is responsive.

Intel did not walk alone, Smart-phone Intel Inside will be presented by the various smart-phone manufacturers. Starting with Lenovo K800, followed by Motorola smart-phones in the second quarter. It should be noted, Motorola is now owned by Go-ogle will be a vital factor to success in the world Intel Android smart-phone


Lets wait and see…


I like it.

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