HTC Sensation Xe

HTC Sensation XE.

After the hands of the smartphone, you can feel right away that this phone is a very high quality. Premium Aluminum unique design demonstrates that the phone is built very strongly, and even to you it shall not break so easily. Black and red colors very nicely consistent, and the color of a cell makes just beautiful.

The screen is really big, 4.3-inch diagonal. By comparison, its size is the same as the Samsung S2 Galaxy. The screen is QHD, which is really good, and shows a very sharp image, well, but a little behind in quality plus Super AMOLED screen, which is the Samsung S2 Galaxy smartphone. Well Anyway, 4.3-inch diagonal screen size I think is really good, it is sufficient to review as many movies as well as games. Also in terms of size, each could be a plus and minus to others, because the phone is the screen size is also large.

So what smartphone is perfectly installed 2.3.4 Gingerbread popular Android operating system with HTC Sense 3.0. Well, in terms of the operating system can not tell you anything new, it works very well. As for the HTC Sense, it has lost its face, and face impressions are really good. Well, everything really is a very well thought out and smart management is really easy. One of the on-screen menu is a “Friend Stream with Facebook friends will see all records, very convenient for those who actually use Facebook a lot. And likewise provide authentication liked Sense and theme is very colorful and beautiful. By the way, I must add that there are plans for the HTC Android Ice Cream Sandwich update the mobile phone.


The processor is an even 1.5GHz clock speed and dual-core, which is really a powerful processor. Well, but when did “Quadrant Standard Edition benchmark test, I was surprised, because merely showed only 2464, and to compare the Samsung Galaxy S2 with slightly weaker 1.2GHz dual-core processor collects above the 3000th Tests used in the way the latest version of the Quadrant Standard Edition, which supports dual-core processor. Thus, a powerful processor, but works a bit slower, well, but truth be told, this processor is more than enough betkokioms Android applications and games.

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