How to Transfer Your Purchased Kindle Content Using Whispernet

Transferring your bought or purchased Kindle content using Whispernet is easy and simple.

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First, you need to bring or pull down on the box that contains the name of one of your Kindles. Next, choose the Kindle that you want to download the content. Third, you need to press the ”Go” button and finally, the bought content that you had transferred should now display in “Home”.

You can also transfer your bought or purchased Amazon Kindle content over a USB cable. You only need to choose “Download to computer” and the file that you want will display on your desktop computer. Next, start connecting the USB cable (that was provided when you purchased your Kindle) to your e-book reader device or Kindle and your computer. Observe after the connection is done because your Kindle shall display on your computer in the very same spot that you would normally see the external USB drive.

Just open your e-book electronic reader because there you shall be able to view a folder with a name or label “Documents.” Once you can see this folder, begin transferring the downloaded files into the “Documents” folder of your e-book electronic reader or Kindle. Use your computer when dismounting your Amazon Kindle from your computer. The purchased content that you transferred will now display in “Home. 10.2 Transferring Periodical Subscriptions”.

If ever you have difficulty in managing or using your new Amazon Kindle or e-book reader, just visit their official website at 

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