How to Play Gamecube and Wii Games on Your Pc

This is a simple guide on how to play your favorite Gamecube and Wii games on your PC. This is for educational purposes only.

Hello! Today I’m going to teach you how to play Gamecube and Wii games on your PC. You must have an above average PC for best results. Let’s get started shall we?


Dolphin (GC and Wii Emulator) –

I highly recommend you download the newest version as it has the best compatibility.


A dual-core CPU or higher (Emulator only uses 1 core or 2 if you select it.)

A strong GPU

So now that you have downloaded the emulator, you will need to extract it. Once extracted, drag the folder somewhere (ex. My Documents.) Now we will need to get it setup first before we can play games. Run “Dolphin.exe” inside the folder. You will have a list of plugins show up, select the ones you want if you are experience, otherwise just click ok. Now, we will have this screen.

You howerver, will have a different version, as my is older. Now, we will need to optimize the graphics so the games play smoother. Click on “Graphics” right above the “Notes” tab or you can click on tools and click on Graphics settings. You will now see this.

From here, you will need to change your settings to what your GPU can handle. If you don’t know, try experimenting with them until you get the best framerate with atleast good quality. Now one last subject then we can get some gaming going.

Now we need to get the controls setup. You can use a wire xbox 360 or ps3 remote with this emulator. Go to “GCPad” from there you can assign the controls. If you use a controller, simply click on the button then tap what you want it to be on your controller. Saving the controller settings is recommended but not required.

You still alive? Good, now that we have optimized the emulator, it’s time to get some games! Before I begin this part of the guide, It is illegal to pirate games. However, it is legal to download a game as long as you legally own it. Whatever you decide to do is YOUR responsibility, NOT mine. Again, this is for educational purposes only. You’ve been warned.

Get the name of the game you want in mind then go to ( and search it in. You will need uTorrent experience to download this, if have no idea what utorrent or a torrent is, please google it. So find a torrent for your game, prefferably the one with the most seeds. Now you wait for it to finish. Once it’s done, make a nice new folder inside of Dolphin’s folder called “Games” or anything you want and put it in there.

Now… Time to play the game! Open Dolphin, go to the emulators settings. Go to “Browse for rom directory” and and select your folder you just made with your game in it. Your game will now show up on dolphin, click on it then hit play.

I hope you all enjoyed my guide. If you have any questions or feedback, please post them below. If this helped you, give it a like. Thanks for reading.


You are very thorough and give good instructions.


nice information


nice information i loved play gamecube


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