How to Make Your Computer Work for You (Making Money on Autopilot!)

Everyone says there is no such thing as free money. It’s true, there isn’t. But these tips will give you advice on programs that can make you extra pocket money.

Everyone says there is no such thing as free money. It’s true, there isn’t. But these tips will give you advice on programs that can make you extra pocket money.

It’s not impossible to get money without work. I will tell you that. However, without putting time and effort into things, the profit you will get is small, although it is something. These small profits add into large ones, so you should still do them.

For these methods, you will need:

  • Firefox Web Browser
  • An Internet Connection
  • Paypal Account

Cash Gopher Method

Basically, Cash Gopher is one of those things where you can make a little bit of money if you don’t put time into it. All you do is let their program run on your computer, and it will replace some ads and show some ads while you are browsing the internet. When you are not using the computer, Cash Gopher runs little tasks. Therefore, it is unnoticable, since it does not slow your computer down at all.

Today, I will be showing you secrets that I have discovered and am only exclusively releasing them to readers of this article on how to maximize your Cash Gopher earnings.

You need to have Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer installed before using this guide. (You will see why later in this article.)

First, you need an account, so sign up here:

First things first: install Cash Gopher on your computer and all of your other computers, including siblings, friends, or anyone who allows you to. This will help maximize your earnings.

Secondly, after doing some research, I found that there are two major things that affect how much you earn.

One thing is Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer is needed because Cash Gopher installs an addon in thm which displays the advertisements which you get paid for. They simply replace ads on certain pages with their ads, and occasionally will bring up a popup (1-2 times daily.) Thus, browsing with those browsers will get more cash than normal. After discovering this, I switched to Mozilla as my default browser and raised my earnings up to $0.90 a day by doing nothing! You may think, “Wow, that’s pathetic.” I did say it was small money, and I will be using this small daily income that I make by doing nothing to make something big.

There’s another trick.

You may have noticed that in Cash Gopher, if you search on ebay any product, a Cash Gopher window will load after a couple seconds to a minute.

You can set an auto refresher on Firefox to refresh every minute, giving Cash Gopher hundreds of impressions! This will maximize your earnings.

Now that we have that set up, part two of the guide comes up.

Making Money using AutoSurfs

Now you might be thinking something along the lines of, “There are no non-scam autosurf sites that actually pay you.”

There are now. ProAutoSurf will pay you $0.01 for every 100 sites you surf, and you can get a little addition to your daily income from Cash Gopher every day by doing nothing.

Register here:

Now you’re not done yet.

Many of these sites are framebreakers and display popups, so go to and download the addon called “NoScript.” This will block all scripts on web pages unless you allow them. This includes ads, videos, and everything. It’s very useful.

Now, start the autosurf on ProAutoSurf, make sure you’re surfing for cash. NoScript must be disabled before you start the autosurf, otherwise the autosurf won’t load. After you’ve started, enable NoScript. Your autosurf will go for much longer without being interrupted!

Making Money using SwagBucks

Swagbucks is one of the most common ways to make some money. Even 10 year old use it (no kidding) and get free prizes. It’s one of the biggest sites to get paid in prizes now. You get gift cards, and other things just for searching the web using Google. The average person makes around 5 searches on google a day. Sometimes, when you search using the Swagbucks search engine, you will win some swagbucks. These Swagbucks can be redeemed for Gift Cards, and other prizes like Wiis, DS, Xbox, and more!

Sign up here:

This is yet another thing to add to your making money by doing nothing list.

Now, we’re done with the small money. Let’s start with some big money.

Making Big Bucks by doing Nothing

Since you are all the way down here, I assume you’ve read the “Making Small Money” section. Sorry to disappoint you, but you need to have cashed out in at least one site of the above and have $10 in your paypal account.

Alright! Now, we will be advertising on different sites that we’ve registered for, using the money we’ve earned. Buy some ads using,, or Google Ads. Put an attractive looking banner in, and use the $10 to buy impressions. Add the link as your referral link to your favorite above site.

Now, submit your ad and watch as the referrals start rolling in. Referrals generate money for you, so you can earn money truly without doing anything! The cash just goes up from there.

Good luck in making cash!

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