How to Jailbreak iPad, iPhone or Other Apple Devices

A guide on how to jailbreak apple devices. enjoy.

So you’re looking to jailbreak your apple device, right? Well look no further because here is all the information you’ll need to do this! 

First up you’ll need a computer with usb port, your device, and device charger (which turns into usb when taking off top)

So connect your device to your computer through the usb.

download this

I know it says iphone it works with all of them. You may follow the instructions there to jailbreak it. 

Then you put your device into DFU MODE

To learn how to do thiws, a simple google search or youtube video can work just fine. Remember you can always revert this. 

So once it’s in DFU mode launch the program you downloaded.

Follow the on-screen information and instructions, it will guide you through the jailbreaking process and automatically get your device jailbroken.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

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