How to Disable Spell Check on an iPhone or Ipad

Does spell check in iOS cause you to have too many words spelled incorrectly? Here’s how to toggle the feature on and off.

The iPhone and iPad have a built-in spell check feature known as Check Spelling. Finding the location of the feature is not quite intuitive, so here are the steps to find the on/off toggle switch for this feature:

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press General.
  3. Press Keyboard.
  4. Turn on of off the features you would like to have enabled or disabled.

The screen shot below shows what is available on an iPhone. The iPad has the same options.

Auto-Capitalization helps you by automatically capitalizing the first letter of each sentence and proper noun. Auto-Correction will assist you by correcting certain words that are often misspelled. “The” is often spelled “hte” and can be automatically replaced by “the” using this feature. Check Spelling is the main feature I am covering, which will automatically check spelling as you type. This feature can be very beneficial, but can also cause words that are purposefullly misspelled or abbreviated to be automatically corrected, which may not be wanted. Enable Caps Lock is a feature to allow double pressing the Shift button on the keyboard and locking the shift so that all letters appear in CAPS. Finally, the “.” Shortcut is one I use everyday. When you reach the end of a sentence, you can press the spacebar twice and a “.” will be added to the end of the previous sentence. Hope this helped you with a group of features that can be helpful, but also frustrating at times.


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