How to “Crack” Propellerhead Reason Six FOR Free!

The Propellerhead Reason six full functionality is hidden within an openly available download..

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re a musician who loves a comfortable DAW. Well, so am I.

Propellerhead Reason 6 has every DAW beat, in my personal opinion, but there’s one small problem: It costs hundreds of fricking dollars!

The solution? Typically you might go on your favorite torrent website and find a crack. However, Reason 6 requires a USB flash drive which is nearly impossible to simulate, so it cannot be cracked. That’s what we think.

But wait a minute, there’s one part of this program we haven’t even glanced at!

The DEMO. Some people have tried to download the demo and lost all hope because there’s no “Open” functionality in the program, however there is a “Save” functionality…Or so they think.

In reality it contains an open functionality just like the full thing, and all the sound banks, etc. How do you get it to work though? If you haven’t figured it out already, just install Reason 6, and choose “Run in demo mode.” From there, open a demo song..Now, with any previous versions of Reason closed, go into Windows Explorer, find the folder where you keep your saved Reason .RNS or .REASON files and just double click on one. Simple as that. It will open in Reason 6.

It’s a shame that no one has figured this out already. So, there you have it, Reason 6 in its full functionality — for free.


That doesn’t work at all…

Alex Keyboard

I had already noticed this .. but it does not open files saved by 6 reason, only the earlier version.


works a treat! only thing is I cant bounce tracks down! :D


Hey just wanted to point out it only works for Reason 5 save files.

You can do this trick to open .rns files and do whatever, but you have to then save them as .reason files, which this trick does NOT let you open.

Trying to open a .rns works, but trying to open a .reason will not.


what about modifying the extension from .reason to .rns, does it work to open by double clicking if do so? let me know please thanks a bunch


the BIG issue is not how to open the files but to get the export function up and running. Or do we go the traditional way but this time using another software that records the system sounds! Capturing the sound as we play a 15 minute beat from reason just to get an audio file from it? Don’t tell anyone I said this but if you are patient try it if it works let me know plz :)


imho the bigest problem is, that there is no -export as an audio file- possibility in demo mode


A dirty solution is to record “what you hear” by changing your record input to your audio out. Means you have to record in real time although better than nothing?


recording ‘what you hear’ is not always the best solution, esp for people who don’t have systems with a fast enough processor or enough ram to handle running both Reason and another program to capture the sounds at the same time. It would be just as functional to port the sound through a cable (usually from headphone out) to the mic/line input of a laptop or a digital recorder and just record ‘live’. Then import the resultant wave files back onto the PC.


So I take it that no one tried simply changing the extension from .reason to .rsn. Well, I’ll give it a go and tell the results.


Okay, you cannot use a file saved from Reason 6 regardless of what you do to the saved file’s extension. I tried several different methods to no avail.

However, my main goal is to use Reason from a 64 bit daw, namely Sonar. My hope is that it will rewire from there. If so, I could set up the instruments in R5 and save the file. Then rewire R6 from Sonar, load it with a demo, load my instruments and play it from Sonar which would also record it.

I will report the results.


Nope. The Demo will not rewire. Dang.


in fact, u fust have to make u’r song in reason et when everything is ok, and u just want to bounce, u have to open reaper, and put the rearoute asio driver in reason, and create a track in reaper to receve the rearoute send, and u’r ready to record reason in reaper whithout lost quality, simply as that, no need to use rewire ! have fun !


If I have the USB pen and download the cracked version. Will it freakin work?


It works. I have opened my song made in Reason 5 in Reason 6 – but if i want to add some Reason 6 devices such as Aligator, and then export my song to .wav – how could I do that (Reason 5 wouldn’t open such file)? Is there another way than using recording system sounds software?


Renaming .reason files to .rsn does NOT work, as you may have experienced.
Other suggestions to open reason 6 saved files?


It works but you can’t export as wav. file so this is useless actually.

Rahymn Lukwaggo

Daaang.. just installed mine only to end up here.. it’s a lil frustrating but,like all the rest,lets give it a lil time.. someones’ bound to figure it out.


Lol. It worked. So simple :) )


Yea, you can rewire. Whoever said you can’t is wrong. I use the demo with Ableton Live & in reality have no reason to save or open in Reason. I create audio clips in Live, so I can save them, & since I’m constantly working with different sounds and effects in Reason, I don’t need to open up previous ones. Or at least to the point where I need to buy Reason to get that feature.

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