How to Convert Songs Into Droid Ringtones for Free Using Ringdroid

Mobile phones have a lot of ringtones to choose from but nothing beats having your own favorite songs become your custom ringtones for free. Here is how to create custom ringtones right from your Droid phone using the Ringdroid app.

On your Droid phone, go to the Android Market and search for Ringdroid. Download the Ringdroid app and install it on your Droid phone.

Ringdroid is an Android app that allows you to edit an existing audio file and save it as music, ringtone, alarm tone, or notification tone. Current supported formats are MP3, AAC/MP4, WAV, and 3GPP/AMR. No support for WMA formats as of now.

If you need to get your favorite songs from your computer then plug your Droid on your PC or Mac via USB cable. Choose to connect your Droid as a “Disk” instead of “Charge Only” mode. It is very important to properly mount your Droid’s SD to your computer. On a PC, your Droid’s SD will appear as flash drive or external disk and a “NO NAME” volume on a Mac. Open it and go to a folder named “Media”. If you do not see “Media” on the main folder, create it. Inside the “Media” folder you should find folders named “alarms”, “ringtones”, and “notifications”. Again, if you do not see these folders then you should create it and this is true on a clean new Droid phone. Now all you have to do is drag & drop songs into the appropriate folders. When you are done, eject those “NO NAME” volumes and disconnect the Droid phone from you computer properly. Failure to properly disconnect the Droid phone from the computer will result to problems later in the process. Also, in order to avoid problems reading file names written in traditional languages, just rename it to English file names.

Ringdroid index all the songs in your Android phone for easy search. If you need to edit an existing audio file or take a portion of your favorite song then go ahead and open it in Ringdroid. Editing is so easy and intuitive. Use the arrows to mark the start & end of the portion that you want to capture. You can also input the start time & end time manually. The zoom button allows you to look closely at the waveform for a clean cut off. This is a really cool feature of the Ringdroid.

When you are done editing, simple “Save As” the clipped audio file and give it a new file name. At this point you have the option to save the file as alarm, notification, or ringtone type and it will be saved in the appropriate folder. No you can use the new audio file as a ringtone or assign it to a contact.


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