How to Build Your Backlinks The Smart Way

Build your backlinks the smart way with no secret techniques. This is straight forward seo tips.

How to build your backlinks the smart way!

Building backlinks can be very hard if you don’t know
how to master the techniques, and how to get them.
I was stuck on many different SEO forums and expert blogs
and wasted my time following their advices.
Many self proclaimed gurus and fake SEO professionals are
all over the internet, providing you with useless type of

In the beginning of my backlink building days, I bought
packages with thousands of backlinks, and spamming softwares
to post them quick and easy. But the result was just a waste
of time and money.
If you comment on thousands of blogs with silly comments like:
Hello, I like your site, very good post, your comment will get in
the spamfolder before you even get your link indexed.

Many “so called” experts talked about the importance of relevant
backlinks. So if you have website about dogtraining, you must get
backlinks from dogtraining related websites and directories.
That is pure BS.
The major search engines don’t care about relevance that much.
You can post on all kind of different wesites and still get a good
ranking. So don’t waste your time searching for websites only in your
niche. Another stupid advice I got from a self proclaimed expert was that I
must get only “do follow” backlinks. I then spent months searching and posting
on only “do follow” websites, but after a while my website suddenly started to
fall in the search engines ranking. It fell into oblivion in the google sandbox.
I felt knacked, but then I had a chat with another webmaster who had the same
experience. I learned that having only “do follow” backlinks is not a very good
idea. Google will think that you are spamming, if you only target “do follow” backlinks.
I then got “no follow” backlinks and my website was starting to reach the first page again.

So to build your backlinks the smart way is to follow some simple rules.
High Pr is not very important.
“do follow” or “no follow” doesn’t matter, don’t waste your time searching.
Don’t post your link 10 times on the same website or the same blognetwork
that share the IP with many blogs. Search for blogs and websites with different
IP’s. Don’t post thousands of links in one day, post your links nice and steady
and don’t ping the hell out of your links. Let the search spiders find them naturally.
To get backlinks can be difficult and expensive if you don’t know how to grab them.
But there are kind webmasters that will give you free backlinks, so start building
your backlinks free today, and see your website climbing to the first page soon!

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