High Class Jail Where People Pay to Enter

Imagine someone built a high class prison where people queue up to pay for the privilege to enter. Also cities will pay rent to host this prison. Is there such a prison and would you want to pay to own such a prison.

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There was once a genius who came up with the idea of building a jail.   This is a high class jail.  Owning this jail became a status symbol and many would queue up to own this prison.

However, what is a jail without inmates.  So the inventor went out and asked people to pay for the privilege to enter this jail.  Now that you have the jail, you need someone to be the host.  Again, this person went out and asked people to not only to host the prison but to pay rental for the privilege to host these jail.

Normally, when there is a jailbreak, the prisoners escape but for this particular case, the jailbreak is to allow more inmates into the jail.

Are you curious now about the inventor and the jail?  For those of you who have not guessed it by now.  The jail is either an iPhone or an iPad.  The genius or inventor for the jail is none other than Apple.

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Each application within an iPhone are inside a jail, the application only has access to its own data.    I consider it to be a high class jail because it is a status symbol.  Everybody wants one and are willing to pay a premium for it.  Even with the “Antenna Gate”, there were long queue of people waiting to get one.


Developers have to pay for the privilege of getting their application onto the platform.  Even after paying for that privilege, they have to give Apple a cut of their profit.  On top of this payment, the developers also have to meet a set of rules before their applications will be listed on the Market place to be downloaded into their individual jail on the iPhone or iPad.  So basically, each app has to wear a uniform.

The nice thing of having this kind of jail, you know what kind of capability the iPhone and iPad are and you are able to optimize your applications or games to the environment.

Image via CrunchBase


Phone companies from all over the world are falling all over each other to have the privilege of be iPhone providers.  In order to have the privilege, they have to:

  • purchase the device and stock them up first.
  • pay a cut of the data plan to Apple.

Jailbreak is a term to open the phone so that you can install applications outside the market place.  When you jailbreak an iPhone or an iPad, you have more flexibility to modify and configure your unit.  

So are you ready to earn one of these jails?

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There is one such jail in Russia, where you won’t mind spending a few weeks with its high class 5* facilities.


Very interesting way to explain it. Jail is becoming a good thing it seems.lol.


Awesome job of intriguing the reader. Love the analogy used here. Thanks.


but in indonesia you will get it with some real money. you even can buy the guard. I mean the real jail….


great analogy…I thought at first that you’re talking of a real jail..but then again..it’s oneof those gadgets:)

Intriguing and interesting post you have here:)


Thanks for sharing.


Jailbreak also allows you to use the phone for a different network. Apt analogy. Good job.

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