Hexagon 2.5 (3-d Modeler) Review

My review on the program "Hexagon 2.5".

So this past March, DAZ [The Company] allowed many of its programs to be free to download for the month of March. Among these was the DAZ Animator, Hexagon 2.5 [Modeler], and Bryce 7.1 [Landscaper]. Of these, most of my work has been done in Hexagon 2.5, so that will be what I’ll be reviewing.

First off, Hexagon is a fairly visually appealing 3-D Model-Maker. At first glance, there are many things that need explaining, but the set-up is easy on the eyes. A different theme would be nice however, since Hexagon uses Greys and Blues; it would be better if the greys were replaced with a lighter grey or even black…but the greys in the theme blend too well with the background, and give it a kind of ‘Windows 2000′ feel.

Secondly, the organization is more or less well done. It takes a while to get familiar with which buttons and which tabs do what, but the introduction of a Custom tab where you can place whichever buttons you want in is a useful feature. It actually took me a little while to figure out how to find the textures tab, but then I realized you simply click on the arrows that are on all sides of the screen; in this case, the left-most one. It would be better if all categories were expanded the first time you open the program. Even if you don’t need them, it’d at least tell you where they were.

Next, the functionality of the program. There are many great functions this program has, but Scripting isn’t one of them, which is a bit of a let-down since it was originally a paid program.

There are also a few annoyances within the modeling. There is absolutely no way to “Snip” edges, so once you make them you’re stuck with them. If you delete the edges, you erase all the points associated with said edge(s). This is incredibly annoying when using Textures, since edges will totally redirect where the brush goes. The only way to fix it is to delete all edges that get in the way, and re-build every single point associated with those edges before moving on to texturing. A new modeler won’t know that the edges affect anything, so he’ll likely ignore them. When he gets to Textures, however, he’ll have to basically re-build the ENTIRE model.

The other problem is the textures. Apparently texture brushes will not texture Faces at all. If it is simply the surface of a model, it will texture it. If it is a standalone face, it will not texture it. Why? I’ve got no idea. But it’s quite annoying.

Aside from that, the other functionalities do just as the tin says, and work pretty well. 

Finally, the absolute worst problem with this program. Up till now, you might say “I might even buy that program”, but trust me when I tell you not to. I got it for free, and I’m glad I did, because I’d never spend a dime on this.

Crashes. This program is loaded with serious bugs that can cause the program to crash spontaneously. I have a high-end PC; custom-built and all, and the program just crashes during certain operations.

Some of these bugs seemingly include:

Tesselation. Hexagon will crash during tesselation if you try to associate two points which are not available to be associated.

Texturing. Hexagon will crash while using a Brush. There seems to be no way to tell which operation causes it to crash; it’s pretty spontaneous. If you’re using a brush to texture, it can crash at any time. The worst part about this is the way it saves Textures. They become ‘incomplete’, and if you’re unlucky, you will never be able to finish a texture. It may crash on you at 75% every time. Even saving in between texturing, the textures will not re-load later unless you complete them.

Deleting items. It’s difficult to tell, but it appears that whenever you delete anything, the program has a chance of crashing. I’ve tried to delete Edges, Faces, Points, the works. Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes completely.

Crashing after crashing. Once Hexagon crashes twice, forget it. The program gets worse and worse. It may work for a solid 30 minutes without crashing, but once it crashes more than once, that’s a sure sign that it will be unusable. Reasons for this? Likely because there are bugs which your PC’s RAM accesses over and over again. Once the bug occurs, Hexagon re-runs it every time you open it again, resulting in simultaneous crashes and overall impossibility to use the program.

As well as a few other places that have crashed much less frequently. This program has a bright future, but until it gets there, it is simply not worth buying at all. The bugs in it are so many that you may as well use Freeware and get better results, not to mention save time.

Rating (Out of 10):

Theme: 7.5

Organization: 5

Functionality: 2.5

Total Rating: 5 (Mediocre)

Summary: Simply said, the program is not worth paying for. If you got it for free though, I personally like its set-up more than freeware programs. SAVE FREQUENTLY at all times, and AVOID unnecessary clicking, editing, and texturing to avoid frequent crashes.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this was informative!


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