Help, I’ve Lost All of My Pictures on My iPhone!

Get all your lost photos back onto your iphone in a quick and simple way.

Help, I’ve lost all of my pictures on my iphone!

I have had the hardest weekend trying to get back my lost pictures from my iphone. Why and how did I get myself into this predicament you may ask?

Well I decided to update my iphone 3GS, to the new iOS 4 software.

The process was simple enough, open itunes, connect my iphone and click on upgrade. Bobs your uncle. When that had finished I duly played with my iphone as usual. Something urged me to go into my photo’s app, and then to my horror all, yes, all of my entire photo album had disappeared.

I tried to reset the phone, re-boot the phone, everything.  Nothing worked so the next step was to google my problem. By the way, I think everyone with a problem google’s it. Google is fantastic.

I was searching different forums and stuff then stumbled upon this free software called iphone Explorer:

I tried other softwares that look into the innards of your iphone, but this one has a clear and understandable UI, which lends itself for easy searching of your iphones harddrive. I was also wondering why apple doesn’t give it’s customers a way of retrieving lost files with this type of software, inbuilt into itunes. But I digress; Iphone Explorer did a fantastic job. It revealed all of my photos that were held on the iphones harddrive as files that I could copy and paste onto my desktop to either archive or place into a photos folder for later viewing.

Since I had all the photos to hand I replaced all of my photos and synced my iphone. Job done.

All in all, the software is great for everyone who have mistakenly deleted or lost their photos off their iphone. It can also save you from a heart attack!



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