Hack This Site Walk-Throughs

Walk through for basic challenges 1-10.

These videos will help you computer lovers(like me) how to beat the ten basic missions on hackthissite.org. Hackthissite.org is an awesome website to learn some new tricks or even practice some computer tricks if you are already really good on computers. Enjoy the site and the videos and have fun “hacking”. Most of you that are reading this probably already know that you are not really hacking anyone so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for hacking on hackthissite. This is a very fun website for those of you that are really into computers. I know that I really enjoy this site and have learned many things from it. I hope that you really enjoy the site like me. So have fun and if you need some help remember that the walk through videos for the first ten basic challenges are posted above. Enjoy the site. Thanks for reading.

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