Four Tricks How to Make “Him” Reply Your Text

These are the tricks how to make your boyfriend reply your text or Blackberry Messenger.

Text messaging is one way to approach the man we like. But Have you experienced this situation: sitting nervously back and forth checking and notification messages because tired of waiting for him never reply to your text messages?

Could be, because he is less interested in a chat or simply not there something else that should be discussed. Meanwhile, you still want to deal with it. If this situation, do not say anything. Do something for him to reply to your text messages. Here is the tricks.

1. Don’t Bombard Him With Text Messages
Send text messages in a sequence of up to 3 or 4 times for him to reply to SMS, chat online or your Blackberry Messenger is not a good idea. Remember, your goal is to chat and send each other text messages with him. If he also did not respond, wait several hours, then send more text messages and ask, “Are you busy?” not “Why did not return my text?”

2. Find an interesting topic Chat
“Hey, how are you?” or “What are you doing?” opening sentence seems to have become very common and boring. Look for topics of interest, such as a funny incident when you are on the road or your boss’ bad temper  in the office. State the side of your life are interesting to let him know and don’t forget give him a chance to tell his story also.

3. Know the things he likes
It would be very helpful if you know the things to be his favorite. If he likes photography, ask something about it or give info photography festival that he could follow. That way, he would be interested to start a conversation via text message, without having to take your first initiative.

4. Ask Advice From him
Men will be pleased and proud when asked for advice or opinion, especially if the thing he mastered. If you want your text message reply to the man, write down the problems you are facing and ask his opinion of what should be done. He would be happy to respond. But remember, do not send text message whenever there is a problem. Over time he would get bored and think you are too dependent on him.


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