eBooks are Rising in Sales and Popularity

The digital book market has grown rapidly in many ways.

Digital Books are growing globally, more and more books are being converted to digital form. There are more companies entering the digital book market now than 10 years ago. In fact, it’s cheaper to produce eBooks now than in 2000 or earlier years. When considering price, convenience and availability it’s no wonder many companies and publishers are going digital form.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Sony, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are all in the eBook/ereader market. The numbers have grown and is growing more and more each day. Last year, GoogleBook Editions were a half million, Kindle started with 200,000 plus ebooks. In 2009, approximately 4-5 million eReader units were sold, analyst predicts three times the amounts by 2015.

With all of the new gadgets and software available today; making profit is definately sustainable. iPad with iBooks, Kobo eReader, Kindle and Google’s Edition, gives readers what they are interested in. John Grisham, best selling author had refused to convert his books into digital format. Now you can find his books in digital format and should expect to see more authors books digitally formatted.

Now that books are being converted into digital form what is even more impressive is the eBook reading device. The eBook reader uses a system that is a network that offers the opportunity to place an order for content from wherever without any need for a hot spot or need of a computer. This feature is built in the reader, there is no extra cost. It truly proves that Digital Book reading is growing rapidly.

Angie Mortemore

eBooks are convenient for me since I ride public transportation, it don’t have to stop at a Barnes & Noble, etc. to check out books.

Glenda Chuman

I love to read so…this will definately be good for me.

Kathy Pena

good article.



Sondra Homminga

Hey check out the new iPad2, it has apps for readers.

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