Computer Not Detecting Mp3 Player

If you are having a tough time hooking up your MP3 player to your personal computer and having problems with your computer not detecting the MP3 player, here is a plain and simple solution to the problem.


There have been quite a few users who have experienced a peculiar MP3 player problem where the device which is supposedly a plug and play device doesn’t get recognized by your computer or to put it in other words you computer fails to detect the MP3 player. What we are actually seeing here is a “USB not recognized problem” which is most likely happening due to a driver issue. The problem most users have been facing is that of a pop up window that opens that shows only two of the several options available whenever you plug in the MP3 player. We get to see only the “transfer files using Windows media player” and “take no action” option.” Well the problem is quite easy to resolve and just takes a few simple steps to get your player successfully connected to your computer.

Outlined below are step by step instructions on how to resolve the MP3 player detection problem.

Step 1

Right click on the My Computer icon and select “Properties.”

Step 2

Next click on the Hardware tab and then click Device Manager. Clicking on the Device Manager tab takes you to the list of installed drivers on your computer as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 3

 Next expand the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” tab by clicking on the + sign.

Step 4

Next right click on the Walkman tab and select properties which would give the following screen. Next click on the driver tab which would give you four buttons as can be seen below.

Step 5

Next, click on the update driver button which will prompt you to either connect to the internet or the choice of custom installation. Click no for the connect to internet option and click next.

Step 6

The next window will give you the options of either installation the software automatically or install from a specified location. Chose the specified location option. The subsequent screen would give you additional options. Chose the “Don’t search, I will search the driver to install” option.

Step 7

After you chose the above option and click next this is what you get. Select the MTP device device option and click next which should eventually install the driver for you and you should successfully be able to connect your MP3 to your computer.


The computer not detecting your MP3 player is a commonly found problem with MP3 players and I hope with the above step by step instructions you were able to successfully resolve the issue.

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