Black Ops Wii Mod Menu!

Black Ops Wii Mod Menu.

When I got cod black ops for the nintendo system I though how can I hack. Well I decided I should find out and I did. My mod menu is not just mine but due to spell check I can’t say his name. It is a really cool mod menu and if you would like to see it up close then message me. My you tube is killing tractors without the space between killing and tractors. My mod menu consists of many things like god mode, chopper gunner, prestige level, money up to 100,000 but can keep doing it, forge mode, zombie mode buy menu works zombie changing does not work. Give all and putting more guns on it still. The give all has about 13 guns and putting a balistic knife in also. One  thing I would like to try is have the death machine as a gun in the give all. I know how to but what is the name of the gun.

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