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Autocad tips and tricks – part 11.

Most of users of Autocad often don’t know that AutoCAD has had a built-in calculator.It’s better to use Autocad Quick Calculator than Windows Calculator!This old calculator is still available by typing “‘cal” at any command prompt. Some engineers used the command-line calculator because it has good interface.!Recently, AutoCAD program now has the clearly new “QuickCalc”option, with a Graphical User Interface.”QuickCalc” can do more than just calculate – it can convert units, may be use as geometry calculator,and even handle variables that persist from one drawing session to another. Furthermore,”QuickCalc” can pass values back and forth between itself and the Properties palette.Invoke “QuickCalc” from any property in the Properties palette when you need to calculate a value that you want to enter.My advice is to use this comfortable option of Autocad.

 Try it like this:

- Draw a circle.

- Select the circle, and open the Properties palette.

- Select the editable Diameter property. Notice the tiny calculator icon – click it to open

the floating QuickCalc dialog.

- The value from the Properties palette was passed to QuickCalc. Do a calculation, such as

adding a value, and press Enter to calculate.

- Click the Apply button to pass the value back from QuickCalc to the Properties palette.

You can also call “QuickCalc: from dynamic prompts or the command line. Just be sure to do so transparently by typing QC or pressing Ctrl+8.Opening QuickCalc this way makes it appear on a palette.

To try QuickCalc, try one easy unit conversion:

- Press Ctrl+8 to open the QuickCalc palette.

- Expand the More button if you haven’t done so already.

- Expand the Units Conversion rollout by clickingthe down arrow on its title bar.

- Choose Length as the units type. Convert from meters, and convert to millimeters.-

- Click in the Value To Convert field, and type a number.

- Press Enter to convert units. Right-click in the Converted Value field, and notice the tiny calculator

  icon. You can click this icon to pass the converted value back to the active command.

I always use it for my projects beacause i can’t find reliable and correct works convertor of units.That’s should be known for most practic engineers and draftsmans so if you have some observation and may be other softwere that can replace that option of Autocad you can share with me.I’m open for any new lead in contrive in that area.

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