Apple’s Illegal Assembly Line Uncovered

Apple is the first electronics company to join the FLA.

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Workers who work 60 hours a week will have their hours reduced to a maximum of 49 hours, sometimes these workers have been known to work a week straight.

These are at Chinese factories where the Apple products are made.

Foxconn have said they will raise hourly salary’s to compensate workers for reduced hours.

It’s quite common to find workers in developing countries wanting more overtime rather than less and they are often single and young.

Average monthly salaries at the three factories, ranged from US $360 TO US $455, and Foxconn recently raised salaries by up to 25 per cent in the second salary hike in less than two years.

Foxconn employs 1.2 million workers in China to assemble products for Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, all for the US technology industry,

Apple is the first electronics company to join the FLA, and commissioned the FLA to produce a special audit of Foxconn’s factories.

Labour unions have criticised Apple’s approach, insisting that Foxconn’s workers would be better served by being able to organise better conditions.

In February and March FLA visited three Foxconn complexes with 178,000 workers, the auditors examined one years worth of payroll and time records and interviews with some 35,000, workers and fill out anonymous surveys. The FLA found few safety violations, noting that the company had dealt with problems, liked blocked fire exits and defective protection gear. It’s also reduced the amount of aluminium dust in the air and there was an explosion last year that killed four workers.

Foxconn are now committed to recording and addressing all accidents that result in an injury, it was also found Foxconn workers were at their happiest with their jobs when they worked 52 hours a week.

Apple has started tracking the working hours of half a million workers in its supply chain, and that 89 per cent worked 60 hours or less in February.

In the period of the production of the new iPad, workers averaged 48 hours per week.

Research firm iSuppli estimates Apple pays US $8 for the assembly of a 16 gigabyte iPhone 4s and US $188 for its components, who then subsidise it to be able to sell it for US $200 with a two year service contract.

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