Adult Virtual Worlds Mean Grownups Can Make Believe, Too,

Adult virtual worlds are especially popular since they provide a way for a user to live out a fantasy that would be too risky, socially damaging, or faux pa in the real world.

Virtual worlds have recently been popping up all over the internet, as a unique way to interact, socialize, and entertain in a simulated reality. These magnificent, little, realms have become an excellent way for a user to live out their fantasies and even share the experience in real time with other users.

Adult virtual worlds are especially popular since they provide a way for a user to live out a fantasy that would be too risky, socially damaging, or faux pa in the real world. Most people would never seriously consider walking into a combat zone and joining in the battle, but in many adult virtual worlds that is precisely the point. In these, there is a level of realism that can actually trigger adrenaline and a fight or flight response in the user, but without the risk.


Fear of contracting an std, ruined reputation, or even just fear that people might get the wrong idea, will usually prevent someone from seeking to live out their sexual fantasies. Many adult virtual worlds however, provide a safe environment for just this purpose. These are always age restricted and will have their own rules of conduct to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings, so people will be free to engage in whatever activity is most appealing to them. There is even one that is themed around Amsterdam’s famed red light district.

Some people will enjoy the ability to do and see things that would be impossible in the real world. Perhaps one’s fantasies may contain tentacles, alien encounters, or hot tubs filled with tapioca pudding. These things would be difficult if not impossible in the real world, but within the confines of an online computer-based construct, they are just a matter of basic programming and a vivid imagination.

‘We met online’ is becoming such a common phrase anymore that no one gives it a second thought. Some adult virtual worlds are geared specifically toward dating. Night club themes, concerts, sporting events, and coffee houses are often a staple of these types of worlds. Since a true virtual world will have a multi-user interface, pretty much any  world will allow a user to meet and interact with new people. This often leads to romance later on. There have been tales of knights in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress, or vice-versa,  as the story of a couples first meeting. You can’t get more romantic than that.

Some have argued that adult virtual worlds are indecent and have no place in our increasingly online society, but this is only one of the many opinions on the subject. Others maintain that they are an integral part of a healthy online culture as they give consenting adults a place to enjoy the things that they wish, without potentially disastrous consequences. These adult virtual worlds will almost universally be age restricted, and so will protect the innocence of children online. There are even many child oriented virtual worlds that will give kids a place to play in an age appropriate setting. 


Yeah, there is that and the most popular one is The Sims and they have one on Facebook called The Sims Social and they aloud those with smartphones to download the app, The Sims Freeplay, which it’s like The Sims Social, but you can create your own city of people and have them work at four jobs and you could do other things, except start a family or something like in The Sims.


wow this is cool tony dear:)

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