A Tutorial on Hacking and Cheating Android Games

A Cheat Engine Approach to Cheating Android Games.

Back in my PC Gaming days, cheat engine was a great toy to play with and get some good fun out of. God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Weapons, almost anything you could set your mind to was able to be changed and minipulated in one way or another.

Now it has come to the Android Platform. Not Cheat Engine, but a new type of App called GameCIH2. GameCIH2 uses a memory editor that runs in the background and will enable you to cheat/hack any type of game for the Android Platform. Not only games, but applications are editable as well.

So the downside, the catch? There is none. GameCIH2 is a free app, but this app is also a trial application. It says there will be a paid version in the future, and it locks a few features, such as being able to search and edit certain values and aspects of a game. There is a workaround though!

Before we start, I want to give everyone a little hint. To unlock the full functionality of GameCIH2 you need to click on their ad the the bottom right hand corner of the app and wait after the page loads for 7 seconds!

You will notice that the top bar with the name GameCIH is WHITE, you want this to turn RED. It will turn RED when you succesfully for the ad for 7 seconds.

Below is an example picture of when GameCIH is running without limitations.

Now were going to look into how to cheat a very popular and common racing game called Drag Racing. We are going to give ourselves unlimited money and RP points so that we can pretty much buy any car in the game and upgrade it however we want.

Go to your Garage and when your money and RP points are visible you are going to hit the HOT_KEY that you selected in GameCIH2 to open up the menu. Your going to select the option to INPUT NUMBER and type in your current money ammount. If you are just starting and installed the game then you are going to be at 15000. So type that in and hit search.

The next thing you need to do is make your money ammount change the value. So for this we need to go and buy a really cheap car. After you buy the car and your money ammount has changed you are going to type in the new ammount by selecting INPUT NUMBER above the 4 icons after you hit your HOT KEY again.

So now you are left with very little, or only a couple values. It should be obvious what one your money value is. Select it and change it to as much money as you want. Do not overdue it or you risk crashing the game and starting all over again.

This process can also be repeated for your RP points as well. Any aspect of the game can be changed, just make sure you use this tool wisely.

So what does this mean? It means that when you see games with leaderboards and people with insanely high impossible looking scores that they most likely cheated the game itself, which is really no fun for a leaderboard because it isn’t even there real scores, but this is something that we are going to need to accept with this new found tool. It has actually been out for quite some time but no one really took notice to it, until now.

Hopefully this will shed some light on the cheating situation with android devices.

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