A New App to Make Your Android Phone Look Like iPhone

Smartphone lovers are divided in two groups – iPhone lovers and Android lovers. Both have valid reasons to use their preferred OS, therefore let’s not delve in which OS is the best. Ever wanted to surprise your friends by showing them iPhone like menu and application icons in your Android phone?

Here’s an Android app that creates a full-screen working replica of the iPhone 4 home screen. It even replaces your phone’s status bar, so there’s no hint of Android underneath.

With this app, you can turn your Android phone to look like iPhone (or call it as iOS). Many people like the looks of iOS and flexibility of Android. How about getting best of both worlds – iOS looks and Android functionality in one device.

Fake iPhone 4S – Apply iPhone Style to Android

Fake iPhone 4S is an app that creates a replica of iPhone Pinless dialing home screen and status bar on Android phone.

The icons that you see on the screen will open the relevant Android app when clicked, but some icons like iPod, iTunes, etc open up advertisements, because as we know there are no such apps available on Android. According to the developer, these advertisements help support future development of the app.

With this app, you can convince your friend by just flipping through the home screen. If the person whom you’re going to show this is smart and knows how an iPhone looks like, then all your effort is going to be in vain. Because you’re tweaking the software, but the hardware (which is your phone) will still be your Android phone.

According to the developer, this app works best on the Samsung Galaxy S II, or any Android phone with a Super AMOLED+ display.

Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is yet another app that emulates iOS Springboard on Android phone.

This app features desktop layout  International pinless dialing and icons of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S. The launcher replicates the look of the icons and folders to the App Switcher tray, Spotlight search and Jiggle Mode.

Espier Launcher Features

• Support dynamic icons, such as calendar, SMS, phone and other icons, dynamically display the date, the number of unread messages or missed calls
• Speedily create and edit folders
• Easy Desktop Editing: press and hold any icon into desktop editing mode
• Support a variety of icon sorting method
• Support for Desktop Searching
• And much more

Both the applications listed in Long distance calls this article are free. So go ahead, try out any of these and give your Android phone, a new and fresh iOS (iPhone) look.

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