50 Percent of Doctor in Britain Want to Sex with a Patient

One of six doctors in Britain consider having an affair with a patient that was a normal.

Code of ethics prohibits doctors in the UK to establish personal relationships with their patients, let alone fall in love. But not all doctors agree with this rule, even one of two doctors wanted to have sex with his patients.

Even more astonishing, one of six family physicians in London considers having an affair with a patient is a human thing. Rules or codes of conduct prohibiting for decades need to be tailored to the needs of the doctors to get a sense of fun.

Startling facts were revealed in a survey conducted by Pulse magazine recently. In essence, most doctors want any adjustments to the code of ethics that is not too rigid as in the past and are still valid today.

“The absolute prohibition to have sex with patients and former patients is a limitation that is not fair,” said Dr Tony Grewal, one of a family physician practicing in London, as quoted by the Telegraph, Sunday (07/17/2011).

According to Dr. Grewal, patients should still be protected from the possibility of the utilization and exploitation or coercion of physicians as a result of a personal relationship. But the rule does not have to restrict the doctors who can relate well and remain professional.

In the past 20 years, the medical council in England determined that the doctors are prohibited from establishing an emotional connection let alone having sex with his patients. The goal is to maintain the honor of the profession of medicine, as well as the trust of patients to the doctors.

But in reality as in the survey, 2 percent of doctors admitted to having an affair with his patient. Meanwhile, 16 percent or about 1 in 6 doctors consider it (cheating) is normal and does not need to be banned for professionals remain concerned

Sources: http://www.detikhealth.com

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