10 Things The Playbook Can Do That Your Tablet Can’t (:p)

For the last seven months RIM’s Playbook has been left trailing precariously behind the competition. With the release of OS 2.0 Blackberry is poised to take back its piece of the market. We look at ten things the Playbook can do that no other tablet can.

10 Things The Playbook can do that your tablet can’t (:P)

For the last seven months RIM’s Playbook has been left trailing precariously behind the competition. Windows Phone and Android have both gained a solid foothold in the market offering consumers a viable alternative to the iOS. Blackberry however has gained nothing but a pounding from consumers, seeing RIM’s stock fall to an all-time low and interest in their tablet fall even lower.

Despite all this, the sleek look of the Playbook really set it apart from its competitors. That and its powerful hardware made it an invaluable business tool both in look and functionality. With the release of OS 2.0 Blackberry is poised to take back its piece of the market with a fully functioning tablet at a price point comparable to the Kindle Fire but with more memory, better hardware and front and back facing cameras. The new OS 2.0 brings several new additions to the Playbook which are now considered a standard in the industry, a dedicated email client, predictive texting, a more robust app store and a video streaming library. But it also does things that none of the big three have been able to do. Check out the list below:


10. It can do Blackberry Messenger

People who don’t use Blackberry Messenger or BBM won’t understand its appeal. But for those of us who have been using it for years BBM is a no brainer. According to a press release during DEVCON 2010 RIM at one point had 28 million users using BBM. Not only does BBM integrate text messaging, file exchange of all types ranging from video to voice, Blackberry is now also working on integrating video chat into your BBM. BBM transforms your contacts into your own personal playground and adding a new friend is as easy as scanning a code with your camera.

9. It can do Android Market and App World

Sure Blackberry may not have the best App World but when talking about apps, the question of whether or not the Playbook App World can stack up to the Android Market is no longer an issue. Now Playbook owners don’t have to choose between their tablet and their Apps because they have both and both run perfectly without any issues.

8. It can do true multi-tasking

Every tablet on the market today has the same issue. What they call multi-tasking is not true multi-tasking, it’s called application standby. What iOS and Android tablets do, is save the state of the application as it is running to conserve battery life and performance. Playbook does true multi-tasking, if you’re running a movie and you want to open a webpage to download a file you don’t need to pause the film to run the browser, you just minimize it and open the browser as normal. The film will continue to run in the background. You can even run the windows side by side to watch the progress on both. Now that’s true multi-tasking.

7. It does Security

Upon its release into the market, RIM’s playbook was the only tablet eligible for use by U.S federal government agencies. Now RIM has added even more features to make the Playbook even more secure than ever. There are always news reports of stars getting their iPhones hacked, ever heard of someone getting their Blackberry hacked?

6. It can do presentations like no other tablet

Not only does the Playbook have a mini HDMI for easy connection to your HD Ready television. It also has something called remote control where you can use your Blackberry smartphone to control your tablet through Bluetooth. So you can use the bezel or the touchscreen to control your tablet during presentations, launch films from your couch, anything you can think of really.

5. It does flash better at a lower price point

This point may not matter to some and it may sound like I’m reaching to others, but the Playbook handles flash webpages and content with the fidelity of a Tegra 3 tablet. The iPad doesn’t handle flash content at all or does it extremely slowly through third party applications. When you compare a £400-£600 pound tablet to a £170 pound Playbook and see them handling webpages equally well, there just doesn’t seem to be any argument.

4. It does Blackberry Bridge

Yes this feature is useless unless you have a Blackberry Smartphone. But if you have one, it’s one of the best features ever. Your contact, emails, notes, pictures, videos and everything else is immediately synced to your Playbook so you can access it. You can even add files to your phone and copy content to your tablet from the Playbook itself. Plus it does internet tethering at the touch of a button.

3. It does gestures without you ever touching the screen

One of the best features of the Playbook is it surrounding black border which is the same capacitive touch screen as its centre. This allows you swipe up, swipe down without even touching the screen. One of the annoying parts of having a tablet is not having a dedicated button to bring up your keyboard when you minimize it by mistake. With Playbook it’s just a swipe of the thumb and it appears in any application, even when playing videos. This functionality even extends to its taskbar and notifications, just a swipe away, perfect for checking your status for a few seconds without interrupting your work or fumbling with the wrong button on the screen.

2. It can type without an onscreen keyboard

Remember remote control? Well another thing it allows you to do is to type using your Blackberry’s keypad on your Playbook. For those of us who can type thirty words a minute on our phones Qwerty keypad this is a great feature and one which makes you wonder why more tablets haven’t added it to their repertoire. Skip the extra cost of a Bluetooth keyboard that you need to carry around everywhere , just use your phone to type in emails, web addresses, etc.

1. It truly integrates everything

With iOS 5 apple boasted twitter integration as the new big thing on its iOS platform. What we got was an extra option to tweet text, photos and video. Playbook brings you true integration across Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in.

What kind of integration you ask? Well if you have a contact in your BBM or your phone and you have their facebook, twitter and Linked-in details saved, the Playbook shows everything related to that person on one page, in one app. Not only that but if you have an appointment in your calendar, emails from them, notes on that person saved or pictures with his name, it’ll show that too. That sounds like true integration to me.

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10. iMessage is better than BBM
9. Android apps do not work “perfectly” on this thing don’t make me laugh
8. Videos continue to play in the background on iOS
7. Security theatre
6. AirPlay
5. There’s a reason Adobe abandoned Flash on mobile
4. iCloud
3. why the hell would I want a keyboard to appear while playing a video
2. Or just have a decent software keyboard to begin with…
1. There are dozens of iOS apps that do this


Did you not read the article? He addressed virtually everything you mentioned. In paragraph and sentence form, no less.


I like playbook because it has the honor to be the first arm device to have a so close to PC Internet browsing and most importand when you use it you don’t feel like someone is watching you like google does or controlling you like apple does, also I heard that it has 2 usb ports and better speakers than nexus and the hdmi out with a mouse pair make it be like a pc with a TV


@phyronyx: Let’s address some of the idiocy in your post:

First point (10): Neither are ‘better’, it’s personal preference. There are no technological advances or ‘amazing’ software between them to be frank. They’re equal.

Third point (8): That is certainly not a good thing. Putting video to standby in the background is a sensible move. Why you even bothered mentioning this, I am at a loss to understand.

Seventh point (4): iCloud is essentially a glorified Dropbox. PlayBook supports Dropbox. Nothing special there.

Eighth point (3): Where did this even come from? It mentions NOT having to use a keyboard on-screen when using a device such as a BlackBerry phone, or bluetooth keyboard. Now you’re just pulling crap out your arse.

Ninth point (2): Being a fanboy would make you prejudiced to Apple and not BlackBerry. Doesn’t make all software that Apple creates a work of genius that outperforms everything else. Grow up.

Tenth point (1): Who cares? This article is about the PlayBook, not iDevices. Take your fanboyism to macrumours, or other places dedicated to Apple. We don’t need failed attempts at elitism everywhere.

Just to point out, before you try calling me a PlayBook fanboy: I use Android, iOS and BlackBerry-based devices everyday. It’s my job. At the end of the day it’s preference as to who prefers what. Yes, Apple does better at some things. BlackBerry does well at others. People like you need to confine yourself to your little corners and stop trashing everywhere else just because you’ve deluded yourself into thinking one company and their products are the work of G-d and that everything else is a POS. You’re as bad as the morons who claim PHP is the best language for absolutely everything. You’re unbelievably wrong.

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