10 Absolutely Useless Gadgets

Ever bought a gadget and afterwards thought it was the most useless thing ever? Here is a list of 10 useless gadgets.

1. The USB pole dancer

With the recession you need to cut down on expenses so rather get one you can put next to your PC.

This gadget will only cost you $22.99 and features motorized action with disco lights. She will dance to your own music.

2. The Flying alarm clock

Are you one of those people that just switch off the alarm clock and turn the other way? Then this one is for you. This gadget will definetely get you out of bed because you will have to catch this irritating misquito before it will turn off.

The price of this amazing gadget is only $14.90.

3. The Pocket Shower

Just take out your pocket shower after a grueling day out in the wilderness and you can easily have a hot shower.

The pocket shower will cost you $25.99

4. The paper e-mail pad

Ever wanted to send an e-mail to someone that doesn’t have e-mail. Well here is the solution, just write them an e-mail on this pad and mail it the old fashioned way. Just remember to fill in the CC list, but the BC list is kind of tricky.

This pad will only cost you $3.99.

5. The electric paper airplane launcher

You are just the best in folding paper airplanes. You absolutely have to get one. All you have to do is place the paper plane between the two rotating discs and your plane will be launched at the incredible speed of 30mph.

The price of launching your paper creations: only $19.50.

6. The Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt

This battery powered t-shirt is a must have for every geek, or geek wannabee. It will display the signal strength of any near-by wi-fi networks without even taking out your laptop.

To be a walking network detector will cost you $29.99

7. The De-fib-ulator Lie detector

This device will determine if you are lying by measuring the vibrations in your voice. If you are lying the screen will display a growing nose.

I won’t lie about the price: unknown

8. The Banana Bunker

Want to protect your banana?

Protection for your banana will cost you $6.00

9. The briefcase toilet

This is a must-have for any business travelers who want to avoid the dodgy toilets at the airports.


10. The Message Toaster

Ever wanted to leave your partner a message on her breakfast. Well now you can with the message toaster. You write the message on top of the toaster and it will toast your message in to the bread



Crazy stuff! Great article!

Auron Renius

LOL great article, I want a message toaster for Xmas.


Useless? These are brilliant! Well, some of them… well, one or two of them. Well, I like the banana holder! :-) )

Great article!


It is amusing.. I don’t know if it’s creativity/innovation or simply stupid useless stuff.. LOL!

But I like the USB pole dancer.Can we customize the face of the dancer? LOL!


excellent article!!! very usefull:P nice work


I want all of them .


it’d be embarassing for businessman to poop on his briefcase on the plane sitting next to a hot blonde chick.
that one was the most useless one i vote

Catelin Hoover

Total amazing! I have seen some useles gadgets but these really take the trophy! Thanks for sharing and providing me with a chuckle!


Talk about some dumb inventions. Still, a good article.

nobert soloria bermosa

cool find,thanks for the fun read

Karen Gross

There are some inventors out there with too much time on their hands! I wonder if they have made any money. The lie detector would come in handy if it works.


Lol! Cute article. I must admit, I a have one of these.. I’m such a sad puppy. So to save myself from further embarrassment, I won’t say which..lol.


Amusing inventions!


I cannot imagine anyone using the poop briefcase. The inventor had to be either a pervert or a plain idiot.


The email pad has got to be the stupidest thing ever. Enjoyed your article.


All I can say is these are for the guy or gal who have everything!


i like the Banana Bunker, lol

I found this one on stumble upon. I thought this was a fun article.

Santa Fe Suzy

I’m retired now, but I could’ve used the flying alarm clock when I was still working! I never got up on time, and I never made it to work on time (well, with very few exceptions!) in 26+ years!


the toaster is a cool idea very interesting


I wouldn’t say #1 (the usb pole dancer) is ABSOLUTELY useless.
In fact, here’s a proof by contradiction; the IDEO Global Chain Reaction (an international Rube-Goldberg device):
http://vimeo.com/2096314 (used at 5:41)


Banana bunker ftw

Oh yeah…I want a message toaster for Christmas :P


Why the hell would I wasnt a banana bunker? lol It doesn’t hold a bushel of them. Maybe I could have use for the flying alarm clock though because I could make it go somewhere else so that I wouldn’t have to listen to it go off.


I love the message toaster & want one. I think I could have fun in the office with a paper plane launcher too. great article! totally useless, but fun info. thanks!


the pole dancer video made me horny


All ten are on my Christmas list. Hint Hint everyone!




Great article. The video of the flying alarm clock is very funny!


I’d actually buy the message toaster!
I’ve only ever seen toast stamps, that come with a message already printed on them, and none of them ever say ‘Take out the bins!’


Useless,maybe,but hilarious,certainly.
I want the toilet suitcase!!


Ahh the state of Americans, Yeah I so want that toaster…lol!


I’d be interesting in seeing how that toaster works. Could be very useful, so I’m not sure if it belongs in this list haha =P




The banana protector is clearly made for women.


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