Why is My Android Running So Slow?

Remember when you first got your Android? Remember how much faster it was back then? Well there’s a way you can have that speed back again and it’s free!

This article will guide you through all problems which can occur in your android phone.Just read them out and enjoy your android phone to fullest.

If you are like me, you very rarely turn off your phone.  That is half of the problem your phone is having.  At least once per week you need to reset your phone’s memory.  Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds, you won’t lose anything.  All it takes is powering off your phone, taking the battery out for 2 minutes, putting the battery back in and wait 2 minutes before turning the phone back on. By doing this every week you will keep your phone will running soother and faster. 

Another thing you need to do is go to the market and download an anti-virus, which is offered as free, unless you really want to pay for one.  Because these phones access the internet they are open to to getting a virus so an anti-virus is a must.  You wouldn’t run your computer without an anti-virus would you?  I would be willing to bet that your computer’s anti-virus catches something at least once a week, if not more.  How often are you on your computer?  Basically the Android is a very small computer, and you need to treat it as such.  How often are you on your phone?  Not just talking either, texting, photo sharing, browsing the internet, getting directions, etc.

Does your battery run down too quickly?  While you are at the market downloading the anti-virus, look for a task-killer (also offered free), it will help free up your phone’s memory between resets.  By having a task-killer you can use it to close any applications that don’t need to stay open. The only applications that should always be open are your task-killer and your anti-virus. There are many applications that manage to open themselves in the background causing your phone to run slower and respond less. Don’t believe that they can open themselves? After installing the task-killer power off and then back on your phone, after it is completely on, check your task-killer and close all of the unneeded applications, exit to your home screen. Wait about 5 minutes and open your task-killer. See, I told you they can open themselves. LOL Another thing you might want to do is turn off your GPS and WIFI. These two will drain a battery very quickly.

So, to recap – if you haven’t already, go get a task-killer and an anti-virus and install them.  Make it a habit that when you close out a program you run task-killer and everything that doesn’t need to be open. Make sure your anti-virus is running all of the time and scans your phone on a regular basis. Reset your memory once a week. This helps shut everything down and starts fresh on restart (don’t forget to run task-killer). Just these simple little steps can help make your Android a much more enjoyable device

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