The 10 Most Stupid Passwords for any Online Account

A password is there to protect you, to protect you from someone “hacking” into something you don’t want them to “hack” into. Everyone knows this and understands it and yet so many people still leave themselves open to password hacking. Read on to find the 10 most stupid passwords people use.


It is estimated that for every 1,000 people using the Internet, four of them are likely to chose a simple numerical sequence as their password. Now four out of a thousand may not sound much but consider how many millions of people are out there and you will see just how many people may be choosing such a simple password. Badly for the people that do chose such a password, they are more likely to use something similar for any P.I.N number they may have.


There are many sites that, for a password, ask for a combination of letters and numbers and a minimum of 6 units. So what simpler way to chose a password than go for the first three letters and the first three numbers. Simple. Most people who do go for this one use it first to sign up for sites that they aren’t really interested in, just to have a look around. A nice simple password one won’t forget. And they don’t, they remember it all too easy and it becomes their default password for everything else on-line!


Experts claim that charlie is the most popular name based password users of the Internet use. There are two schools of thought why charlie is such a prominent name. One is that there are a lot of computer literate people called Charles, the other comes down to the slang use of the word. It would appear that the latter far outweighs the former.


Yeah, cause putting that single number after it will put off any hacker. The fact that a good number of websites now need to have both letters and numbers in them to avoid hacking does not mean that putting a 1 after a word is the best way to do. Add to that, the fact that facebook is the second most popular website in the UK (Google would be No 1 – fact fans!) and having this as a password is a recipe for disaster.

‘Your Football Team’

Whether it is Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Ac Milan or whatever other team you may have a penchant for, a good number of people are picking their favourite football team as a password. Of course there is a good chance that someone who doesn’t know you won’t be able to guess your favourite team, but considering that there is a good chance you may have made a mention of it somewhere on-line (facebook, myspace, bebo etc) then they would be able to find out quite quickly.


Once upon a time, the magic words were ‘open sesame’ (more to do with Ali Baba than some kind of bun!) nowadays it seems that letmein has taken over. Current estimations state that approximately one in 550 people will use it as a password. That is quite a worryingly high percentage of people.


A typical minimum length password sites ask for is 6 letters long. Guess what? Monkey has 6 letters. It is one of the most popular passwords an Internet user will use. Maybe it is because it has 6 letters in it, maybe it is just because a lot of people like monkeys. Whichever it is, there is no doubt it is not a good password.


How imaginative. There was a time when ‘password’ was the most popular password (haha see what they did there!) but times move on and it just wasn’t good enough for some people. So what was the solution? Cleverly adding the number 1 after it, that should fool everyone surely? Eh…NO.


It is actually quite disturbing just how many people think that qwerty would make a good password. I mean, really? That would fool people? Honestly? It is just lazy and yet a good number of people use it. If they found their account being accessed by someone else because they used qwerty as a password it would really be their own fault.

‘Your Name 1′

Maybe you thought about using your favourite football team as a password, maybe then you toyed with the idea of using a site with a number after it (see facebook1) but then in a moment of inspiration you decided to be really smart and use your name with a 1 after it. Just think how many people know your name and think how many people might want access to whatever you have password protected.


Nice idea presented



Avoid ENGLISH words that can be found in a dictionary, -a foreign word is better. Add a number or two, and for even higher security, add a special character from the top row (i.e., !, @, #, $, etc.) This add many thousands more possible ‘cracking’ variations to the password, making it even harder to break.


I think the first password that everybody used,is into this article,later we improve.


Lol its true!


Very informative and interesting mate.

Excellent article. This remembers me of my article on how to create secure passwords.


My passwords are all good Alistair..I use the same one for most of my’s complicated enough :-)


not only interesting but very entertaining.


good one…. Something many ignore ………


Interesting article thanks for sharing.


I never chose so stupid passes like these :D


Very interesting and very humorous! I enjoyed reading this article.


Luckily I’m not in the top ten category but I had no idea that so many people did that. Especially since everyone seems so afraid of having their identity stolen and such.


A good reminder to us all.


it is a relly good site for the whole USA


Sometimes you have to wonder why anyone would use ANY of the passwords listed above. Great article though, quite amusing and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

I would have never thought of monkey.
Good info!

Good Article! Keep Writing! I just found this article url in the forums and just had to read this. Very entertaining! Very Funny!


Wow, HAHA, Thanks For Sharing This With Us! =)

david glick

My facebook account has been deleted because someone hacked into my account. Can you please help me get it back. I just used it for fun. I would appreciate any help you can give me. thank you david Glick.


Can you pleas help me get my E-Mail account and my Facebook accounted back. Someone sent a message to my contact list that i was stranded in London and to please send money to get back home. It has been over 2 months and I can’t get back.


haha thats hilarious, people are retarded =)


Very good.

Brigit Janus

giggle….good info…but if a person isnt dealing with a secure account like a bank or something like that….why would any one want to use a real name and address anyway…i dont and havent since i first started using computers and i never will. as this article proves…no one should.computers are here to help us not the crooks or so it started out anyway….to out think a hacker guys ya gotta think like a hacker(which i’m not btw) but i know people who do hack and they helped me get to the point where i dont have to worry about my password(s) ever again. simple things can be very confusing to the hackers guys. think about it. i want to learn how to hack…not to hack…but if you know how…you can stop a hacker from getting you
have a great day guys….i’m off to play on the web

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