How to Combat Data Theft at The Workplace

Workplace data theft is one of the many risks that come with running a business, though, this risk is perhaps the most damaging, as it can easily bankrupt a business. Managers and owners can fight back by using the latest in Folder Locking software.

When it comes to stealing company secrets, workplace ethics take a backseat and this trend seems to be rising at a dramatic pace. Why is it that most employees would risk their jobs to steal their employer’s secret company data? The reasons are vast, though one of the most popular reasons is to attain a better position and a higher salary with a competing company by revealing company marketing secrets and or customer data. Sadly, most employees are also not familiar with workplace ethics and tend to view the stealing of company data as a harmless act. Another shocking fact was that employees who were well educated on business ethics were also non-hesitant on stealing company information. When asked for justification, most of them said that they had contributed significantly in building customer database; therefore, it is their right to take that information rightfully. The survey also revealed that the most popular medium used to steal confidential company data was through, USB Devices, CD/DVD burning and emailing themselves the data. So what types of organizations are most at risk? In general, there is no specific type of organization that is immune from this risk; thought statistics reveal that companies that deal in services and have an extensive client list are most in jeopardy. Other types of information popularly stolen by employees are company data related to marketing strategies and tactics.

Companies are now becoming well aware of these risks and are taking drastic measures, such as implementing strict policies and monitoring emails of employees in an attempt to prevent company data from being leaked by bad employees. Sadly, these tactics are not infallible; therefore, a better solution is needed to combat these issues, which can guarantee that confidential company information cannot be stolen by unethical employees. Thankfully, experts do have a solution which can guarantee just that; experts advocate that sole-proprietors and company mangers protect their company data with file locking software, which can also encrypt secret folders which contain their company’s sensitive information. However, what if you own a company that is susceptible to data theft and you are not very tech savvy in installing and using File encryption software, what are your options? Well, since most file encryption software are quite complicated to use and require basic knowledge on how to operate file encryption software, thus your options can be very limited. Nevertheless, one such software that is designed for the average user and has a very user friendly interface is Folder Lock.  

Recently the developers of Folder Lock have realized the need to develop a more user-friendly interface, due to the rising incidents of data and identity theft and have therefore launched more user-friendly File locking software which can also allow you to encrypt your private files using 256bit AES encryption technology which is the best in the industry. Software like Folder Lock can be utilized by any organization who wants an easy to use file protection software, so that even the not-so tech savvy person could use it.

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