Google Chrome Password Viewer

This ain’t software but a trick. View the passwords as text in google chrome browser.

Now all of you would have saved your password in your personal computer/laptop so that you don’t need to type the password each and every time especially passwords that are more than ten letters.
What I say is saving your passwords in the browsers especially in Google Chrome will make your password to be visible in any website (even gmail). I personally say you not to save your passwords in your browsers.
I found out a easy trick to view the password field of the browser. It can even be done by you if you have known a little basic about html . Its pretty easy.
Steps:1.Highlight the passwords in the password field.2.Right click and click on “inspect element”.3.Change the “input type=password” to “input type=text”
See its very easy. I just want you to know about the security of the browsers in these areas.


perfect :D

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