Five Steps to Save You When Forgot Windows Eight Password

Forgot Windows eight password? Don’t worry, here are five useful steps to save you retrieve the forgot windows eight password very easily.

“How to reset Windows 8 password after forgot it?” This question suddenly comes to my mind when I find that many problems about how to reset a forgotten Windows 7 password and get back in computer. Believe it or not, there will be many users asking help for Windows 8 password recovery, just like the questions listed as below:

How to reset Windows 8 password?
How to reset the Windows 8 login password for my laptop?
How to reset password in Windows 8 operating system?
How to reset the Windows 8 Admin password?
How can I get my Windows 8 password if i forgot it?

When it comes to reset a forgotten Windows 7 password, the most efficient way is to use a third-party Windows password recovery tool. So I believe, there will be many reliable Windows password recovery software available for Windows 8 users, like Windows Password Breaker, which enjoys great popularity among forgotten Windows password users.

In addition, Windows 8 users can switch the logon method if the text password is forgotten. According to the rumor and leaks, there are two ways available when you log onto the forth coming operating system: traditional text password and graphical codes. That is to say you can easily reset Windows 8 text password by graphical logon.

Just showed in the above picture, in the 4X4 array, Windows 8 users can custom their own logon password. If a device of touch screen is in use, users can logon directly with touch on it. Aside from the picture constituted by the 4*4 array, Win 8 users can also choose a picture on computer to set the password after enter the operating system. And there’s a leaked video online teaching users how to custom the graphical password logon for Windows 8.

So if you forgot Windows 8 password, you can log on to your computer with graphical password, and then reset the forgotten Windows 8 traditional text password. A graphical password is easier than a text-based password for most people to remember while it offers better computer security. If you’re not good at making a password that is simple enough to remember but complex enough to be guessed, a recommended way is to use a graphical password instead.

More tips to reset Windows 8 password?

In addition to use Windows password recovery software, you can apply the following tips to reset a forgotten Windows 8 password.

1. Use Windows password reset disk.

2. Use an administrator account.

3. Use System Recovery Options.

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