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Dream Zoo, free download, simulator game, Android, Zynga.

The list of most downloaded games for mobile devices are becoming more dynamic: a game rarely remains on the list for a week, especially in the free, but what is certain is that we will always see a game developer Zynga. Forest Ville or Zynga Poker is an example of this, and now comes with a new simulator, Dream Zoo, you can download on Android devices for zero euros.

We’ve managed farms, cities, gangs, castles and forest creatures, among other things, but we still have left other organizations, such as a zoo, which is the case with this game. It will have as main objective to create a theme park focused on animals, each in their own habitat and with their kind, to be constantly visited by customers, which will provide more money to the enclosure, which will make it bigger.

The challenge proposed in Dream Zoo will have to watch out because two important towns: the animals and customers, especially the first, which will be those that appeal to the past. For that we need to accommodate a small number of known and basic spices in a zoo (like elephants and giraffes) and then unlock new species, more exotic, like lemurs or hippos. The game includes a variety of animals.

Not all animals are known, there will be species never before seen in the world or our own creations from changes in color and features, depending on what they are curious or attractive, will bring more customers. For example, we see rhinos with unusual colors or disproportionately sized birds. We may also find new animals around us thanks to geolocation (GPS) on our phone or tablet.

The animals have many more clients needs: health, hunger, and fun are the three pillars of the state of the animals that we as zookeepers, will have to watch carefully. For this observe every animal needs and fill them until they are satisfied, happy and ready for the hearing of those who come to the zoo.

At first it will be easy with a small group of species, but what happens as you grow our enclosure? We will have to increasingly pay attention and be more quick to play and feeding animals, in addition to constantly monitoring our economy and the currency that we spend on each aspect in more than one occasion scarcer. And only by the history of the developer in creating and management simulation games, such as price, Dream Zoo is highly recommended for those who have an Android device.


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