4Sqwifi, Program Code Hotspot Locator

The using this Foursquare implement details from the venue-the location Foursquare.

What if you want on the internet in a new and different to you, but do not know the wireless /hostspot in that place? Definitely you will experience anxious because they do not get the password. So, what do harud? Foursquare guidelines you need to try to discover the password of a hotspot close by.

With 4sqwifi, an application on the iPhone, you can search for passwords with ease, so it does not have to continue browsing to be able to find signals wifi free. you simply open the application, then the display will show a list of venues closest Foursquare. The application then selects the venue that has wifi passwords .

 In theory, this application will be easy to find passwords invenues nearby, so they can instantly online.There are several factors that make this application has not been perfect, the data source. Since the password can be changed, and information that are shared to the user Foursquare not up-to-date . How is this any better than can not be online at all.

In addition, this application will also feature tips from Foursquare, about the complaint against the place no wifi it. Although sometimes, using the hotspot without the permission of the owner is a bit rude, but the information in-s hare in this Foursquare cause wifi easily accessible. 4sqwifi is an application that easily and clearly beneficial.

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