Mito Watches Mobile Showcase

Jakarta – Mito increasingly aggressive in the mobile market of Indonesia. Not wanting to just confined to the conventional model, the local vendor is also trying to try your luck with the release of the phone in a wristwatch.

Mito S500 is a product name that has the 1.44 inch wide screen. Thedevice is operated by a touch screen panel and also provided a tiny stylus.

According to Mito, the phone is set up for users who often trouble some when in the field. Where they often forget to take your phone or assume that the phone will only interfere with the activity. While their focus is his job. On the other hand, is the object of telecommunications equipment required to be worn for contact.

A total of nine menus displayed on the screen S500. Starting from the settings file, phonebook, call center, messaging, multimedia, organizer, settings, user profiles, and Bluetooth settings.

With CIF camera is placed on the side, users can utilize for the purpose of recording images or video. The activation button is also useful as a capture object is also provided to allow the record to be faster.

Accompanying this feature is an audio and video player. Though internal memory is only 32 MB available, but users can utilize the external memory card. If the useris not busy, they can use the FM radio to simply provide entertainment.

Then how to make a call? For it isprovided with a Bluetooth handsfree. Power supply to the handsfree can be done simultaneously when to charge your phone. On the left side thereis a pin on the location will be used for hands-free while charging the battery.

Mobile phone watch with a single SIM card is also equipped with two buttons call and end call. The second button is also used as thepower button on / off as well as lock and unlock the screen, while aspeaker slip at the bottom.


*. Dimensions: 73.2 x 47 x 16.2 mm *. Screen: 1.44-inch Touchscreen *. Network: GSM 900/1800 MHz *. Camera: CIF *. Features: Audio and video player, FM radio, call, organizer, etc.. *. Connectivity: Bluetooth, mini USB *. Battery: Lithium Ion 400mAh


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