How to Increase Wifi for Free with Aluminum!

There is a great technique for increasing wifi signal for free with just a few sheets of aluminum!

Increase your Wifi for Free!

How does Wifi Work?

Wifi is short for Wireless Fidelity. Wifi works by transmitting radio signals through an antenna. The antenna sends signals in all directions, which you don’t always need. A major problem with Wifi is the range. The farther you get from a Wireless adapter, the weaker the signal. This can slow down your internet connection and cause you to not get any signal at all. You can actually dramatically increase you Wifi with just a piece of aluminum for free! Follow this guide and you will have no problem doing so.

The Problem with Wifi

Since routers transmit in all directions, some of those radio waves are wasted. Using the following methods you can re-aim the wasted waves to point them where you need them. Let’s say your router is at one end of your house but your laptop and printer are on the other. Using aluminum we can aim those waves directly towards the things you need it for. This will increase both range and speed.

The Easy Method

This method requires very little. In fact, all you need is a sheet of aluminum (this is assuming you already have a router with the stock antenna of course!) 

Step 1: Begin by cutting out a piece of aluminum. It should be bigger than the actual antenna, and then some.

Step 2: Fold the aluminum in halve so it is around the height of the antenna on your router (Just a bit taller)

Step 3: Now time to create a parabola! A parabola looks similar to a half circle. It can be used to re-aim the unused radio signals.

Step 4: Now place the Aluminum Parabola behind your antenna and aim it toward your wifi devices.

The Not as Easy But Still Easy Method

Click the link above to follow another guide that uses a template to create a perfect parabola. This require a bit more including a paper to print out and glue. It is worth though, you will see a much larger increase in wifi boost


Most of people generally gain about a 5-20% boost by just doing this simple trick. If you have a second antenna, do the same for the other one.


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