How to Discharge Static From Your Laptop Battery and Adapter

An article detailing how to discharge the static buildup from your laptop’s battery and power adapter, should the need arise.

A few days ago, my computer failed to recognize my power adapter as being the correct brand and therefore, wouldn’t charge. Initially, I thought this to be a driver issue, but it turns out that the fix was simple. If you have this problem with your laptop, or another problem that you know requires you to discharge the static, please refer to my simple, step-by-step instructions.

1. Shut Down the Computer

I know this sounds like common sense, but many people do not realize that this is an important step in protecting your computer from damage to the hardware.

2. Unplug the Cord

Unplug the cord from the wall and your lap top. Separate the two pieces at the AC/DC converter. (The box in the middle of the cord) If it does not separate easily, do not force it, your cord may not be made of 2 pieces.

A switched mode power adapter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Remove the Battery

Generally, laptops have two buttons on the bottom of the computer, that when slid inward will release the battery.

English: Li ion battery from a laptop computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Press the Power Button

Once the battery is completely removed from the computer, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds.

5. Find a Hard Surface

When the AC/DC adapter is no longer warm to the touch, you need to find a hard surface (preferably wooden). Tap the box against this surface three times firmly. Obviously you are not going to be very forceful with this. Tap all ends of the cord against this surface three times as well. At the end, take the battery and using a much lighter force, tap both ends of it against the surface as well. DO NOT use a great deal of force with the battery, lithium ion batteries can be extremely volatile and may explode and harm you.

6. Put it All Back Together

Pop the battery back in, put the cord back together, plug in your computer and plug into the wall. If this still has not fixed your problem then you likely did not have a static build up problem and you may want to contact your customer support.

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