How to Create Your Own Wifi Hotspot in Four Simple Steps (Without Bugs, Buying New Routers ,Bridges or Cables)?.. The Answer is Bzeek (Free Download)!!

I am one hundred percent sure that All of us have many Internet using devices ,at least a computer and iPhone/BlackBerry and also sure that not all of us have WiFi providing router So how to create your WiFi hotspot to provide Internet to all of the devices without buying new routers,bridges or even cables ?! the best way is Bzeek…Read this.

First of all what is WiFi Hotspot ?

Wikipedia definition is A Hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet service provider. Hotspot typically use Wi-Fi technology. Hotspots may be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments throughout much of the developed world.

My definition , It is a wireless way to provide Internet (using WiFi sending router) to all of WiFi devices (devices with internal WiFi receiving card or external USB) examples iPhone , iPad , BlackBerry , Laptops …etc .

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Do you need WiFi ? ,what is the personal Hotspot ? and do you really need new WiFi router ?

Do you need WiFi ? Yes,WiFi inside your home is a must ,if you have a brother,sister or both and everyone wants to use the Internet at same time with same speed , so WiFi is the only best solution that will save your money, Another convincing important reason to use WiFi is the very expensive Internet that cell phone carriers offer to us and we all know that you can’t use iPhone or BlackBerry or iPad without Internet.

what is the personal Hotspot ? The personal Hotspot is creating WiFi without the need of WiFi routers ,all what you need is a laptop (that supports WiFi) and Internet cable,so the personal Hotspot is a temporary network that shares files ot Internet and not sending Internet like the WiFi router does , only sharing . 

do you really need new WiFi router ? No , you don’t need to buy a new routers ,  this personal Hotspot thing is totally enough and can provide Internet to all devices inside your home. 

Now How to create your personal Hotspot ?

Two ways ; the first is using the basic Internet sharing service without the need of any programs , this service is only available on windows 7 and vista , the only advantage is that you don’t need to download any programs but the disadvantages are so many , the most important is it doesn’t work , yes it is full with bugs and it works with some devices and Internet types but doesn’t work at all with others , I tried it and it didn’t work at all , i am professional with computers and electronic devices but this method needs experts on networking to make it working without bugs , as you have to change the IPs in every device and this is very hard that’s why i will not discuss this method , if you want headache , you can Google it

The second way is to download and install programs , it looks easy , just download,install and use without any headaches BUT it is not that easy,I used so many programs , many of them were ad-wares , not working , full with bugs or need money to get the full access , all what i did is uninstalling, Only one program that was FREE , no bugs at all and the most important is WORKING,Bzeek .

Yes ,Bzeek is free, very easy and totally effective way to create WiFi without any routers ,cables or extra money.

so what are the advantages of Bzeek ?

1. Totally FREE.

2. Will save money of routers , more cables or bridges  and will enjoy Internet on every device at your home.

3. you will use the Internet for free on your iPhone , iPad , Android , BlackBerry and any other phones , so you will save the money you spend on the slow,expensive,restricted Internet that phone operators provide you with.

4.Control the network , you can turn it on or off and you can mange devices  see who is using the net right now and how many hours did they spend surfing , also will tell you which devices are on (iPhone , Mac , nokia , PC ..etc)

5. Bzeek will ask you to register so every device wants to join your network will be asked to enter the e-mail and password to prevent anonymous to join .

6.Bzeek has no any side effects on your network speed .

7.No bugs at all , Bzeek accommodates itself with any type of Internet or PCs .

8.Working perfectly and is really fast.

But to be honest , the only disadvantage is that sometimes it goes down for hours but this is very rare , i am using Bzeek for more than one year and this happened like only 3 times.

How to start my own bugs free WiFi Hotspot ?

1. go to it

3. install Bzeek.

4. Restart the device.

5. Register your Bzeek.

6. enter the e-mail and password on your devices.

7. enjoy.

So the four steps are download , install , register and enter the email and password on the devices to start it.

But if i don’t have laptop and only have desktop PC, How to create a personal Hotspot ?

well , you can’t create WiFi Hotspot from your PC as desktop PCs don’t have Internal WiFi Card but you still can do it , just buy a WiFi receiving Card or USB and do the steps as above , of course the card or USB will be cheaper than new WiFi Router.

Finally ,I want to tell you that there are so many programs ,i tried all of them and compared them, Bzeek was the winner and the only one that i did not uninstall till now.

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