How to Create a Wifi Hotspot Through Smartphone or Computer

WIFI or Wireless fidelity is the wireless replacement for classical local area network. WIFI can be used to communicate two computers, share an internet connection between two computers or even connect your wireless enabled laptop to a WIFI enable smartphone.

Most people believe that their phone’s wifi connection or their laptop’s wifi connection is there only for data retrieval or web browsing. However, these WIFI adapters can be used to create a WIFI hotspot, without additional hardware or gadgets using some free software.

Connecting your smartphone to a computer for the purpose of internet browsing (Data tethering) can sometimes become a real pain. For this purpose you need to find the necessary data cable and necessary communication software. But connecting it to your computer via WIFI connection is quite easy and simple.

How to share your phones data connection through WIFI?

If your smartphone contains a WIFI adapter, and if your smartphone is a Nokia or sony ericcson Symbian phone then you can easily connect your WIFI enabled desktop or laptop to your phone by using Jaikospot software. Free edition of this software will create an unprotected WIFI hotspot through your phones WIFI adapter. If your phone is an android Froyo (Android 2.2)  then the operating system has native support for WIFI hotspot creation

Then you can use it to share your phones data connection with the computer. Paid version of Jaikospot allows you to encrypt your WIFI connection, so unauthorized access can be prevented. Windows mobile users can convert their phone to a wifi hotspot by using mobile WIFI router freeware

How to create a WIFI hotspot through your laptop’s WIFI connection?

Most Windows 7 laptops shipped in these days contain a WIFI adapter. Most people use it for the purpose of data retrieval (browse internet). However, you can use it to create a WIFI hotspot and even share your internet connection through this WIFI network. You can even connect to another WIFI networks and share them in your WIFI network through your laptop.

What you would need to create a WIFI network from your Laptop/Netbook?

You need a WIFI enabled laptop or netbook. In addition, your Laptop needs to have Windows 7 operating system (any edition) installed. In addition, you need a working internet connection. Windows 7 operating system contains a hidden feature called Wireless virtualization. However, there is no built in software to activate this feature. A free software called Connectify, use Windows 7’s ability to make an interface to create WIFI hotspot. In addition, most Linux distributions natively support WIFI hotspot creation and internet sharing through their default set of applications. 


If your smartphone contains Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition, then you can use Jaikospot software to create a WIFI hotpsot sharing your phones data connection. Android version 2.2 or Froyo has built in WIFI hot spot creation ability and Windows mobile users can use the freeware called Mobile WI – FI router.  In addition, your windows 7 laptop can be used as a WIFI router through Connectify software.

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