Comcast and Arris Cable Modem Hacking (Cable Modem Uncapping)

With technology growing more and more you would think that security would be a little tighter when it comes to cheating people out of money.

That’s right, uncapping your Cable Modem or Gateway from Comcast can cost you, big money. One, it can damage hardware that Comcast might use. Two, it can set off red flags for Comcast and that could get you in big trouble legally. What you are doing is technically cheating. Your setting your modem to get speeds that normally you would have to pay Comcast to set up for you!

I really only want to release tools like this for education purposes but I know that isn’t going to happen. It is going to get abused, that is for sure. I found I love for cable modem technology and how it works, which is why I took a hand in making this possible, but this also came from my team of 3 others. This was not just the work of me.

Some of the software in the package is going to require a comcast employee login, using login 015 and password “excel” will log you into the administrator system for the applications themselves. It is suppose to be ran on Windows Mobile devices but this was ported to Windows 7 and 8. Earlier versions are not yet supported and probably wont be. This was just a little project to see what was possible.

There is also some tools loaded up from Arris, Comcast, Motorola, Sony, Techmo, and more. Techmo is probably not going to be used, it is a off brand modem we found that we had around the office from a business magazine for electronics for the office. The rest of them should be used accordingly. I will release the link for the download tonight but I am not going to post a guide on how to use any of it for quite some time to avoid abuse right away. This means the users who know what they are doing will come out and actually give their feedback instead of users just downloading to get better speeds out of Comcast for cheaper rates, aka Steal from comast.

Comcast has yet to do anything about this, and I have not received a phone call in over 72 hours, I’ve been uncapped torrenting at 4Mbps for 3 days. This set of tools can also release the 250GB cap that comcast puts on your account! That is for the professionals.

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